Are you Able to Set up a Spray Foam Roof Over TPO?

Now you could determine when you’ve got a TPO roof, let’s get into spray foam roofing and how it may be applied over your roof. Spraying foam instantly over TPO might create an unlevel floor the place the TPO is not secured to the deck, which may impact how water travels across the roof. Spray foam will normally be applied with a median of 1.5″ in thickness. A roofing contractor will mark these areas with spray paint to highlight the saturated areas of the roof that want eliminated. Price of elimination of saturated areas will add $2/sq. The infrared survey will determine those hotter areas, which is an indication that water is current. An infrared survey may be carried out to find out saturation where the naked eye cannot see. If your TPO roof has saturation (or is wet) beneath, then you’ll must take away those areas and replace with related materials.

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