Football-Themed Slot Machine Games

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To meet the expectations of different fans, gaming studios develop games with ranging themes. Given how popular football is, it’s no surprise that you can find football-themed slots everywhere across the globe. No matter if you’re in the best online casino in Australia or in one based in Europe or USA, you’ll be able to find several games that feature the football theme. In this article, we’re going to explore the most popular football slots. Let’s see what are some of the options to consider.

Football Fever

Are you looking for a five-reel football slot machine? This game is the one to definitely consider. Its graphics will immediately attract your attention, as well as the unique sound it features. You’ll find a large number of colourful symbols, including yellow cards, tickets, whistles, and referees, among others.

Players can enjoy plenty of rewards, some of which include additional free spins. You need a combination of three or more matching symbols to get a win. The game features three bonuses named super bets 1,2 and 3. If you manage to align the three bonus symbols, you’ll trigger penalty series, opening doors to potentially high wins. With a 5x multiplier, you might win a big payout while playing.

Football Champions Cup

Football Champions Cup slot is among the favourites among casino football fans. Given it’s developed by NetEnt, you can expect stunning graphics and interesting gameplay. As the game player, you get to pick a national team you want to get to victory. Collaboration with professional teams would make the game harder to develop, so the national teams are the only ones you can pick from. There are Germany, England, Belgium, Spain and several other teams to consider.

This is another five-reel game with two to five wilds. The fun begins if you get to trigger five bonus rounds. It’s referred to as penalty fiesta, and you have to select where the ball will go. If you successfully guess, you win the round. Each round has something special, and if you’re lucky to win, you can get a big payout.

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Football Star Deluxe

This sport slot is a very popular Microgaming title. If you want to explore the game for free, you’ll find a demo version available in online casinos where it’s featured. It features an amazing 88 paylines, which makes it possible to win in numerous ways. It’s possible to trigger up to 12 bonus rounds. The game also features multipliers during the bonus rounds, making it possible to score big wins. Graphics is simple, making it easy to focus on the game.

Football Mania

If you’re looking for a unique slot in the football world, look no further. The majority of slots out there range from 3 to 5 reels. This one features nine reels, making it very popular. Graphics are quite simple, which you would expect from a game developed back in 2014. Once you spin the reels, you’ll see a lot happening on your screen. You can trigger lottery rounds that give you the chance to win a jackpot. It’s an opportunity to win big. It’s games like these that keep the gambling industry steadily growing. Their popularity attracts more people to the online slot world.

FIFA World Cup

This FIFA Slot Machine is among the top football-themed games. Its developer Dreamtech is known for unique games. This slot in football features a 5×3 grid, offering numerous win combinations. It’s possible to win 10,000x of your wager, something that not many slots can offer. There are numerous symbols, including wilds, that can trigger big wins. The game’s unique feature is a penalty shootout.

Aside from its unique grid, the game features great graphics as it was released in 2020. It comes just in time for football fans to get hyped up for the upcoming FIFA World Cup. They can cheer on their favourite teams while playing the game.


These are not the only slot football games you can find in online casinos. As it’s the most popular sport globally, there are many other titles that feature unique scatters, wilds and game mechanics. The important part is that casino players have a big selection of games to use. It’s safe to assume that gaming studios will keep creating football-themed games thanks to their popularity. Who knows, maybe some new titles will be specifically developed for VR headsets. That would be a great way to completely immerse football fans into a virtual game with their beloved sport. We’ll see what the creative developers will think of in the future.

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